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The dawn of a new era in AV distribution

Current times are redefining the way we do business, in real time. And while, in time, the strange circumstances we all find ourselves in will pass, AV is, by nature, an evolutionary market…change is inevitable. But transformation for the AV industry has also been a long coming.

During the past few years, there has been a lot of talk around partnership throughout the supply chain and the way in which distributors and resellers work together. Much of this talk of value added service, though, has remained simply lip service.

Distributors play a key role in the AV channel, bridging the gap between manufacturers and resellers. But other than a route to market for vendors, and a single place to purchase for resellers, where is the real added value?

Resellers play an even more important role, offering their customers a choice of brands, together with installation expertise, training and support. But, in order to provide cutting edge solutions that bring competitive advantage for both themselves and their customers, they need an impartial overview of existing and emerging solutions (uninfluenced by size of rebate), deep technical training and dedicated after sales support that extends beyond simply selling on a warranty.

This last aspect is where maintenance companies come into the picture. Many manufacturers already partner with these professional service providers as an extension of their own warranties, as we’ve seen from a number of brands. Allowing end customers to keep up their operations, even when displays go down.

Demand for a new distribution model

As we’ve seen, in the current set up, resellers may not be receiving the support they need to upscale their business. Who is working with them to provide additional installations support through peak times, to offer wrap around warranties and to bring innovative new hardware – and software solutions – from emerging vendors with the potential to disrupt the status quo and bring next level opportunities?

Expectations for marrying these services into one end to end package have been building for some years, as existing distributors look for solutions for competitive differentiation.

Equally, the demand for a fair playing field for all vendors, and one that is more easily accessible for those bringing new solutions to market, is increasing. Success in both of these areas, has, until now, been limited.

Introducing Solstice AV – the dawn of a new era

Solstice AV has been launched with the promise of bringing a new era to trade distribution for the industry.

Bringing together a formidable team of AV professionals, with expertise in all sectors and from every area of the industry, the new distributor has been set up to offer an open-minded and comprehensive, wrap around service for the AV trade. Its service is designed to add real value, offering support, where and when it’s needed, including sales, marketing, logistical and technical, together with impartial development advice, across a range of new and existing AV brands.

Established on firm foundations, Solstice AV has made a strong entrance into the market, already providing a full service for customers and bringing an immediate specialism in the dynamic and fast-changing LED arena.

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