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SolsticeAV is your dedicated partner in corporate and commercial Audio-Visual solutions. Our AV Solutions encompass top-tier technology and comprehensive services, including pre-sales advice, system design, installation, and after-sales support.

Partner with us for more than just products; gain a trusted ally that empowers your reseller journey and ensures client satisfaction. Welcome to a new era of reseller success with SolsticeAV.


SolsticeAV’s Corporate AV Solutions are your gateway to enhancing communication, collaboration, and productivity. Explore our tailored AV solutions designed to meet the specific needs of businesses. Whether it’s boardroom presentations, video conferencing, or immersive training environments, we’ve got you covered. Elevate your corporate capabilities with SolsticeAV and unlock the potential of seamless, cutting-edge audio-visual technology.


SolsticeAV’s Retail AV Solutions harness the power of LED video walls and LCD displays to transform shopping experiences and elevate customer engagement. Explore our range of AV solutions designed specifically for retail environments, from attention-grabbing LED video walls to vibrant LCD displays that convey your retail customers brand narrative. With SolsticeAV, you can take your customers retail space to the next level and create indelible impressions. Welcome to the future of retail AV innovation!

Public Venues

In public spaces, creating impactful experiences is key. SolsticeAV’s solutions, including LED video walls and high brightness LCD displays, are designed for indoor and outdoor venues. We not only provide top-tier technology from industry leading brands but also offer expert design and installation services to transform your public spaces. Welcome to the future of AV innovation, from concept to reality!


In the ever-evolving landscape of education, engaging and immersive learning experiences are essential. SolsticeAV’s AV Education Solutions are designed to empower educational institutions with cutting-edge audiovisual technology. Explore our range of tailored solutions, from interactive displays to active learning systems, redefining the way students learn and educators teach.


In the world of hospitality, providing a memorable guest experience is at the core of success. SolsticeAV’s Hospitality AV Solutions encompass a diverse range of offerings, from sophisticated hotel TV systems to dynamic signage solutions, and even cutting-edge technology like robot room service delivery and cleaning.

We understand that the future of hospitality lies in seamlessly integrated AV experiences. Whether it’s enhancing in-room entertainment or streamlining guest services, our solutions are designed to leave a lasting impression.


In the world of broadcast media, captivating the audience is paramount. SolsticeAV’s Broadcast AV Solutions introduce a new era of visual storytelling, featuring state-of-the-art LED video wall backdrops and cutting-edge XR Studios.

Our solutions offer dynamic, immersive experiences that redefine how your customers engage with their viewers. From stunning LED video walls that set the stage to XR Studios that transport their audience to virtual realms, SolsticeAV brings innovation to broadcast.

Crafting bespoke systems

We pore over every detail of your project to ensure absolute accuracy and effiency. Explore an example schematic below.