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Remote control for 5×14/6×14 with Google Assistant / Voice control and Netflix / Braille

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Philips 22AV2025B, TV, Bluetooth, Press buttons, Black

Product Details

Easy to use remote control with Bluetooth and built-in microphone for use with Google Assistant enabled Philips MediaSuite TVs. Dedicated YouTube and Cast buttons provide faster access to more content.

Bluetooth connectivity
Provides a direct wireless connection to the TV,
enabling access to Google Assistant. Bluetooth® also
means control from a greater distance without the
need to be directly in front of the TV.

Built-in microphone
A built-in microphone enables voice activated
control for greater convenience , including
commands for Google Assistant, content searching,
and feature control of other apps.

YouTube button
A dedicated YouTube button brings a world of
entertainment to the big screen in a single push.

Cast button for easy streaming
A dedicated Cast button makes streaming content
from external devices faster. Simply press to activate
the connection info screen in order to stream from
any Cast enabled laptop, tablet, phone or desktop .

Multi-RC settings memory
Keep your settings exactly the same between battery
changes. Multi-RC saves your configuration in a
permanent storage for effortless maintenance.

Low-battery detection
When the battery in your Philips Professional
Remote Control runs low, a notification appears on
the TV screen. Allowing you to change the batteries
before service is affected.

Lockable battery compartment
The lockable battery compartment is secured with a
screw, ensuring batteries can only be removed or
changed by staff.

Technical Spec



Brand compatibility


Input type

Press buttons

Built-in microphone


Battery type



205 mm


20 mm

Remote control proper use


Product colour





53 mm

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