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Solstice is your new AV distributor, established in 2020 to bring AV supply opportunities into a fresh and exciting era. Working with both cutting-edge releases and established AV technology, it’s our mission to add real value throughout the supply chain – providing the solutions you need to truly make a difference.

Our team has been carefully crafted to bring together the best experience, through the range of technologies and across all vertical markets, to design and deliver standout displays.

The design and delivery of displays is just the beginning and, at Solstice, we’re set up to provide a much more holistic package of support. AV distributors…with a difference.

So, as well as being at the end of the line, or with you on site when you need us, for specifying and sales support, our team is here to give you technical, logistical and marketing assistance – bringing additional, white-labelled strength to your brand when you need it.

And, once the display is installed and content is live, we’ll continue to support you, with servicing and warranties, as well as maintenance programmes – all delivered by our own in-house teams. Ensuring your installations remain alive and engaging for your customers and their audiences.

How we work

Everything we do, from answering the phone and helping customers design competitive AV solutions, through to delivering products and supporting display installations, gives you signals about what we believe in and what we’re like.

We want to send the right signals and we’re looking toward a brighter future for the AV industry with a clear sense of purpose. So, we show our dedication, understanding and expertise in everything we do.


We’re dedicated to our customers and to delivering superior service from concept to completion.


We carry our expertise with confidence, bringing knowledge, integrity and strength to every project.


We are open and approachable, giving and earning trust and mutual respect in everything we do.

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With a great range of products and solutions, from vendors across the AV arena, Solstice AV is your new AV distributor. Join the growing number of installers, integrators and consultants working with Solstice AV today.

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